How to Stop Jet Lag

4 Easy Steps

Follow 4 very simple steps to your Cure Jet Lag using the  
NO MORE JET LAG decoder.

The ancient practice of Acupuncture has been used of 1000's of years to assist in remedying body ailments, but now YOU can use acupressure (finger pressure) to do the same thing if you are suffering from Jet Lag. Applying slight pressure to two pressure points on your lower arm or leg is all that is required to eliminate your Jet Lag. The decoder simply determines the correct locations for you.
     When you arrive at your destination

    • Note your time of departure and hours travelled.
    • Check your time of arrival.
    • Set the two NO MORE JET LAG decoder dials to the times noted.
    • Apply finger pressure to the two acupressure points deterrmined by the decoder.


Let's assume we depart London local time at 2am. We travel a total of 19 hours including a 2 hour stop over in Dubai and arrive in Melbourne
Australia at 8am local time.

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